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Thi is a new column on Sampling, edited by Kim Esbensen and Claas Wagner. I really only became aware of the Theory of Sampling (TOS) following conversations with Kim at the NIR-2013 conference in La Grande Motte, near Montpellier, France. I won’t steal Kim and Claas’ thunder by going into detail, but I see this new column as a perfect complement to our others. Ian Michael, editor.

Tags: Sample prep
This Product Focus is on Infrared Spectrometers and Accessories; a number of companies have provided information on their key products, their applications and features.

Dedicated polymer thin film making accessory for IR transmisison analysis. Provides quick and reproducible thin production for sample melt points from ambient to 250°C. Has standard film sizing rings of 50, 100, 250 and 500 µm, and hydraulic press and integrated heated platens.

A fully automatic 40 ton press designed for busy laboratories repetitively briquetting powdered samples to a standardised diameter using the “Automated Integrated Die of Choice Assembly”, which includes an integrated 32 mm, 35 mm or 40 mm die of choice and microprocessor coupled with touch screen control. Die handling is completely eliminated.

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An automatic 40 ton XRF press with touch screen “Star” key entry which initiates the briquetting process to programmed force and dwell time. Interchangeability of briquetting die size offers flexibility to produce different diameter sample pellets.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched its Servo and Servo+ ranges of sample preparation solutions for drugs of abuse testing. These SPE solutions enable analytes to isolate drug compounds from complex biological samples. The portfolio covers total drug screening and specific testing for tetrahydrocanabinol, opiates, amphetamines, phenylcyclohexylpiperdine (phencyclidine, PCP) and cocaine. Specifically designed to enhance routine drugs testing workflows in analaytical laboratories, Servo offers a fast and effective resource for high sample throughput, while Servo+ offers greater selectivity, higher loading capacity and increased robustness.

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In partnership with Systems Engineering in Japan, Specac has introduced a new top plate for its Golden Gate. The Envirochamber has been specially designed for analysing hazardous samples. The standard version has the sample area sealed within a perspex chamber, allowing hazardous samples, for example, to be positioned on the Golden Gate top plate in a safe environment such as a fume cupboard or glove box and then sealed so the unit can safely be taken back to the spectrometer for analysis. This new top plate comes, as standard, with a diamond crystal but other materials are available upon request and a heated version will be available.

Aabspec has introduced a new, high-performance GC/FT-IR interface, the IX10-8B. The design has as its heart a solid gold light-pipe formed from pure gold using newly developed manufacturing methods. The interface provides very low flow rate capability for good capillary chromatography plus extreme inertness for the most demanding sample types. Additional new technology has been developed enabling higher upper temperature operating limits. The resulting product offers improved performance in capillary GC/FT-IR.

Spex SamplePrep has released the next generation of automated hydraulic laboratory press. The redesigned 3635-230-V-Press is a fully automated pellet press which is ideal for repetitive pressing of sample pellets for XRF, IR and other analaytical methods. It now features a programmable LCD touch-screen display with adjustable parameters that include maximum pressure, dwell time and release time. These variables can be saved in the system's memory and easily recalled for future pellet pressing cycles with the touch of a button. Also featured is an interlock that prevents opening of the safety shield during operation. A compact 13″ wide footprint makes this benchtop press easy to fit into the laboratory.

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The new Disc Mill LM 3310 is now available from Perten Instruments, replacing their previous mill, the LM 3303. The mill has a new design and several improved features which include reduced noise level with new built-in motor, easy disc distance setting with Start/Stop on the front of the mill and an improved procedure for disc change and distance control, minimising service needs. It is suitable for grinding grain, pellets and other products for moisture and other analysis. It is also used in the AACC standard no. 55-30 for determination of wheat hardness by particle size index.

Perten Instruments AB
Issue: 22-05
RSN: 108

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Spex CertiPrep has developed a new line of pure and ultra pure fusion fluxes and additives.

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The new RS 200 vibratory disc mill from Retsch grinds samples such as minerals, cement, concrete, soils and also electronic scrap.

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The Aquatek 100 Waters-only Autosampler is now available from Teledyne Tekmar. It is a purge and trap autosampler that automates the sample preparation steps for the analysis of liquid samples using a fixed volume sample loop filled using a pressurisation gas.

PerkinElmer has introduced its new sample preparation blocks and accessories. These products are designed to meet contemporary sample digestion needs in environmental and basic laboratory research and to combat associated temperature and contamination problems.

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A European research project has shown how to build optical sensors directly into the structure of labs-on-chips. The breakthrough paves the way for on-the-spot medical diagnostics.

SCP Science has introduced the Novawave microwave digestion system, which employs 12 dynamically operating micro cavities to process 12 samples simultaneously. Other features include individual sample temperature control and monitoring; seamless microwave power control with no duty cycle; built-in EPA and DIN methods; and USB/Ethernet port connectivity for data processing and storage. With the Novawave Transporter attachment, up to 14 racks of 12 samples at a time can be prepared. The Transporter acts as a conveyor, automatically loading a new rack of samples into the microwave and removing the digested samples to the auto-cooling and auto-venting stations.
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Chemplex is introducing a new line of unbreakable chemically resistant polyethylene transfer pipettes with integrated bulbs for filling XRF sample cups ensuring equal volumes of sample substances for X-ray analysis. This reduces the potential effects on x-ray data that translates to variations in concentration levels.Typical uses include: diesel and gasoline fuels, fluid lubricants, paint, chemicals, waste oils and many more sample materials requiring an inexpensive method of transferring samples into sample cups safely, without spillage, no contamination issues and economically priced for disposability.
Milestone has expanded its line of microwave ashing furnaces with the introduction of the Pyro XL, designed to accommodate large volume, high fuming applications making it an ideal fit for applications such as food and feed, oils and polymers. It meets the requirements of many methods including ASTM, USP, SEMI, and ISO. The Pyro XL can be pre-programmed to follow specific methods and regulates energy throughout.
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PerkinElmer and Gilson have announced a mass spectrometry collaboration to support pharmaceutical and biotech scientists, which will enable the two companies to provide new and enhanced solutions for fraction collection and liquid chromatography. As part of the agreement, PerkinElmer will develop a dedicated single quadrupole mass spectrometer to be incorporated into Gilson’s preparative chromatography systems. , 

Biocius Life Sciences has completed its spin-out from BioTrove Inc. and is an independent company. It now holds all of the intellectual property and technology for the RapidFire mass spectrometry, which integrates sample preparation with mass spectrometry at a rate of up to 6s per sample. 