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Christian Schröder tells us about “Mössbauer spectroscopy in astrobiology”. Iron is abundant in the Earth’s crust, as well as on Mars and is likely to be so also on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. Iron is important for life and may have played a role in the origin of life as an energy source and by providing mineral surfaces as a template for surface metabolism. Iron continues to be essential for almost all organisms as the functional centre of many proteins and enzymes. Mössbauer spectroscopy is a powerful tool to study iron-bearing solid substances and as such has applications in the search for life in other parts of our Solar System.


Spectroscopy is the measurement of the interaction of radiation with matter before or after spectral dispersion. This has been studied variously by physicists and chemists, has wide applications outside these traditional disciplines and cannot be owned by any particular community. The subject embraces both science (including mathematics) and technology (including computing) and contains many examples of differences, not always understood, between these cultures. It illustrates the unchanging and universal character of the relevant science, which is increasingly revealed by advances in the relevant technology.

The Ortec unit of Ametek now offers an addition to the trans-Spec series of hand-held gamma-ray spectroscopic instruments with enhanced display, communications, data storage and analysis capabilities. The trans-SPEC DX-100 offers users the ability to perform quantitative gamma spectroscopy assays in the field and is suited to a variety of in situ applications. It features a high-purity Germanium detector with an improved relative efficiency, incorporates improvements in functionality and ease of use and enables users to operate the instrument through wireless communications as well as store data on a removable Secure Digital I/O card.

Issue: 21/02 RSN: 153
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The Ortec business unit of Ametek Advanced Measurement Technology has extended its series of hand-held gamma spectroscopy instruments with the addition of the Micro-trans-SPEC, an ultra-lightweight version that also features enhanced display communications, data storage and analysis capabilities. Weighing only 15 lb, it is light, liquid nitrogen-free and portable. The self-contained instrument provides a complete spectrometer in a single easy to handle package and offers a 20% reduction in size and 34% reduction in weight to previous versions in the series.

Ametek Process Instruments Issue: 21/01 RSN: 115
Smiths Detection’s Ionscan 500DT portable desktop trace detection system has met the certification standards set by the Transportation Security Administration having met its performance criteria for Explosives Trace Detection Systems.