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Latest webinar from Waters Corporation

In Search of Biomarkers: Mass Spectrometry as a Tool for Discovery

Tuesday, October 26, 2010: 15:00 UTC

08:00 PDT (USA)11:00 EDT (USA)16:00 BST (UK)17:00 CEDT (Europe)

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Mass spectrometry coupled with liquid chromatography is one of the most powerful techniques for biomarker discovery due to the attributes that these tools exhibit over other methods. Of these, perhaps the most important are the sensitivity and selectivity of the method, and the facile manner in which structural information can be determined. Evidence of this can be seen in the substantial adoption of these technologies for both metabolomic and proteomic analysis. The goals of these experiments are shifting, and it is no longer sufficient to identify potential biomarkers such as endogenous metabolites, peptides, and proteins, but these species must also be quantified at low endogenous concentrations. In order to meet these challenges, new instrumentation and workflows have been developed. In this webinar, hear from experts in the field about the challenges and solutions associated with the search for biomarkers and promising analytical solutions to address them.

Find out:

Strategies for simultaneous quantitative and qualitative data collection and interpretation What it means to control variability in samples and gain confidence in your biomarker discovery How statistical methods aid discovery in metabolomics How high definition mass spectrometry (HDMS) can redefine the limits of sensitivity for protein identification


Your presenters:

John P ShockcorDirector of Life Sciences Business DevelopmentWaters Corporation Jim LangridgeDirector of Proteomics Business OperationsWaters Corporation


New Webinar from Bruker Daltonics

High Sensitivity ICP-MS:Overcome the challenge of complex samples


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The new aurora M90 from Bruker defines new performance standards in ICP-MS combined with ease of use and robustness required in today’s modern laboratories.

The patented ingenious ion optic design combined with the innovative collision / reaction interface cell delivers highest selectivity and class leading sensitivity, which supersedes all other quadrupole ICP-MSs offered on the market and matches even sensitivity standards set by sector field ICP-MS, all combined with ease of use, robustness, low-cost of ownership and low instrument investment need.

The webinar will explain the technical realization of the instrumentation and demonstrate the benefits for the most challenging applications in ICP-MS analysis.

Who should attend?

ICP-MS users Lab managers Students ….

 Your Presenters

Dr. Meike Hamester, Director European ICP-MS Marketing, Bruker Daltonics, Berlin, GermanyMeike Hamester’s passion for ICP-MS started in the early ’90s at the University of Hamburg, Germany. During her thesis with the title ‘Minimization of spectral and non-spectral interferences using ICP-MS’ she got acquainted with the challenges of ICP-MS in the early stages. Having finished her thesis she moved from Hamburg to Bremen in Germany to work for Finnigan and its successor Thermo Fisher Scientific as the product manager for ICP-MS. In January 2012 Meike joined Bruker Daltonics as European director for ICP-MS. Meike is based at Bruker in Berlin, Germany where Bruker operates the Application Laboratory for ICP-MS. Andrew Toms, ICP-MS Specialist, Bruker Daltonics, Milton, CanadaAndrew Toms has been involved with ICP-MS since his undergraduate studies at Memorial University of Newfoundland. After completing his Masters degree at University of Windsor where he studied mercury contamination in lake sediments, Andrew joined Varian Canada as a technical support chemist in 2000, in Mississauga, Ontario. Following 10 years with Varian in applications support and customer training, he joined Bruker Daltonics as an ICP-MS Specialist in May 2010, based out of their applications laboratory at their Milton location, near Toronto.

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