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HiperScan has introduced the SGS1900, a rugged and easy-to-use near infrared spectrometer which measures a single scan in the spectral range from 1000 nm to 1900 nm in 10 ms with good signal-to-noise ratio, using a scanning grating technology to avoid any NIR diode array. The flexible and rugged OEM device is suitable for process and quality control in different industry sectors such as food, feed, polymers, recycling, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Low-priced, flexible handheld analysers can be built and open up totally new fields of application such as measuring the degree of ripeness in fruit and vegetables.

HiperScan GmbH Issue: 21/01 RSN: 116

Khipu Systems has developed a breakthrough in the area of NIR instrument standardisation. The iCalibra Standardisation module allows single calibration models which provide accurate results from dispersive and FT instrument technologies simultaneously. The standardisation processes are integrated within the predictive models so the models and standardisation layers are capable of automated relearning and enhancement, which means that NIR instrument selection can become independent of existing calibration data sets.

Khipu Systems Issue: 21/01 RSN: 117

Foss NIRSystems has released Vision Cascading Libraries version 2.00, which is fully validated and suitable for use with Vision Software version 3.50 SPI (or higher) on computer systems in a validated environment. It operates within the Vision Software, making it possible for users to run samples against many libraries at the same time, which will reduce prediction time, provide flexibility in the process and simplify library validation.

Foss NIRSystems Inc. Issue: 21/01 RSN: 127
Fibre Photonics Ltd will partner the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry and the Institute of Photonics at the University of Strathclyde in the SPIRIT Studentship programme. The planned project will enhance real-time analysis of chemical and biological systems through novel fibre optic based spectroscopic systems in the mid-IR and NIR.
Fibre Photonics has appointed Dr Des Gibson as non-executive director. He brings 25 years experience in the optics and opto­electronics industry within both blue-chip and start-up companies.
Volcano Corp., who produce products for the diagnosis and treatment of coronary and peripheral artery disease, have acquired Axsun Technologies.,

Princeton Optronics has introduced an addressable VCSEL array of 8 × 8 elements in which every element can be addressed independently and modulated at high speed. The devices can be operated at a single mode power of 3 mW each and a multi- mode power of 12 mW. Each chip size is 3 × 3 mm. The array is mounted in a package where each device is addressed through a lead into the package. The wavelength of the devices is 976 nm, but other wavelengths can be used as custom products. The power of the individual devices can be increased to 100 mW.Princeton Optronics Inc.Issue: 21/01 RSN:

Andor Technologies has launched its new OEM-dedicated iVac spectroscopy detector range. Designed around its UltraVac vacuum package, this price-performance camera offers a rugged and compact package. The company's Software Development Kit enables easy integration of the USB2.0 device into the likes of Raman bench top stations or spectral engines working in challenging ­environments.

Andor Technology Ltd Issue: 21/01 RSN: 110

Tom Scherzer, Gabriele Mirschel and Katja HeymannLeibniz Institute of Surface Modification (IOM), Permoserstr. 15, D-04318 Leipzig, Germany. E-mail:


Polymer coatings play an important role in our daily life. They are widely used in numerous applications, which range from decorative and protective coatings to coatings with specific func­tion­al properties. Polymer coatings can be made by various technologies such as drying of solvent- or water-based lacquer formulations, reaction of two-component sy­stems, or ther­mal curing of re­sin mixtures. A particularly efficient and versatile method to produce polymer coat­ings is UV curing of multifunctional monomers and oligomers such as acrylates, meth­acrylates, epoxies and vinyl ethers. This method is characterised by high production speeds and superior en­vi­ron­mental sustainability as well as producing a wide range of potential properties and the high qua­lity of the resulting coatings.

Guided Wave Inc. has completed the acquisition of Aspectrics. Aspectrics will be merged into Guided Wave’s operation in CA, USA.,
InfraScan has obtained the CE mark for its Infrascanner hand-held brain haematoma detector, which will allow it to start European sales. The Infrascanner works by detecting the differential NIR absorption of a haematoma and normal brain tissue.
Jasco Europe have concluded the celebrations of Jasco’s 50th anniversary by moving into new facilities in Cremella, Italy. The 1400 m2 new office includes sales and marketing operations, a service and customer support department, logistics, IT and a manufacturing area.

Foss NIRSystems has developed new disposable vials for the XDS Rapid Liquid Analyser. The new glass vials have an outer diameter of 2 mm and a height of 50 mm and are developed specifically for solutions with high water content and will complement the already existing 4 mm and 8 mm disposable vials.Foss NIRSystems Inc.Issue: 20/06 RSN:

AP Technologies has announced the international release of Opto Diode Corporation's ODA-5W-100k, which combines a high responsivity 5 mm2 active area silicon photodiode with a low-noise preamplifier with 100 kOhm transimpedance gain. The standard red/NIR-enhanced device has a responsivity of 63 V µW–1 at 940 nm and a frequency response of 500 kHz with a low offset voltage (±1 mV) and dark offset noise of 1 mV rms. It operates from ±5 V to ±15 V and is supplied in an hermetically sealed TO-39 can with operating and storage temperature ranges of –25°C to +100°C. Applications for these devices are low-light-level tasks, where electrical noise can effect the photodiode signal if the detector and amplifier are separate components on a circuit board, such as medical diagnostics, test and measurement, fluorescence detection and spectroscopy.AP Technologies LimitedIssue: 20/06 RSN:

Oseir Ltd has introduced a new tuneable multi-stage optical bandpass filter for use in practical spectral 2-D imaging applications. It can be connected to CCD cameras, microscopes or used with a white light source to produce a tuneable light source. It can be tuned in the wavelength range from 450 nm to 800 nm and the bandwidth can be optimised by the number of stacked filter elements. Other wavelength ranges will also be possible by selecting the optical materials to produce a filter for NIR or UV ranges.Oseir LimitedIssue: 20/05 RSN:

Princeton Instrument has introduced three new configurations for its LS 785 NIR lens spectrograph, which have been designed specifically for Raman and fluorescence applications which require high throughput. The new systems pair the company's Pixis deep- depletion CCD cameras with the Acton Series LS 785 spectrographs to provide a spectrometer that is easy to use and configure. The three configurations include a system optimised for high signal-to-noise ratio, one for higher spectral rate and the third designed for higher performance on a fixed budget.Princeton Instruments ActonIssue: 20/05 RSN:

Hamamatsu Photonics has announced its new thermo-electrically cooled NIR modules. The spectrometer modules consist of a palm-top size polychromator with integrated optical elements, an InGaAs linear image sensor optimised for the required wavelength range and a driver circuit and integrated USB interface to allow simple PC connection and data acquisition. The modules are initially offered in two ranges. The C9913GC series features a spectral response range from 900 nm to 1700 nm using a standard InGaAs image sensor and the C9914GB series features a spectral response range from 1100 nm to 2200 nm using an extended response InGaAs linear image sensor. Both modules are supplied with sample software which allows the user to set the measurement conditions, acquire and save data and then display it graphically. Using the USB interface means that no external power supply is required so that, together with its compact size, it can even be assembled into portable ­equipment.Hamamatsu Photonics (UK) LtdIssue: 20/05 RSN:

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Interview with Martin Gerlach, Bayer Technology Services

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