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Bio-Rad's Informatics Division has received a Silver Award for its KnowItAll spectroscopy software in Scientific Computing's readers' choice awards. This is the 10th year in a row that Bio-Rad has been recognised in the spectroscopy software category.
Malvern Instruments' Chief Technology Officer, Neil Lewis, has been honoured by the University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd, UK, with the award of an Honorary Doctorate of Science for his contribution to science and innovation.
Perten Instruments and Monsanto have announced a collaboration to develop process analytical tools to help ethanol plants gain efficiency in their production process. The collaboration will focus on the development and application of technology to monitor the operating conditions and improve the efficiency of ethanol production.,

Aspectrics has extended its biodiesel portfolio by launching the Biodiesel Quality Analyser 1000. The new analyser incorporates Aspectrics' EP-NIR technology, a robust sampling interface and an easy to use graphical user interface. It features a number of pre- calibration applications to expedite set up and on-going analyses. In addition, new calibrations can be added to meet future testing requirements. This new turnkey solution enables users to analyse incoming raw materials as well as finished products for contaminates such as water percentage, methanol concentration, total glycerine, bound glycerine and free fatty acids. It has been specifically designed for the harsh environment of the biodiesel production plant as is easy to clean, service and operate.AspectricsIssue: 19/06 RSN:

Intevac has announced the release of its DNS spectrometer product line from DeltaNu which were designed to maximise synergy with the MOSIR spectroscopy camera product line. The integrated system offers high performance in terms of resolution, throughput, flexibility and ease of use and will be used primarily for scientific and industrial research, QA/QC and OEM applications. The series starts with the compact, short focal length DNS-150 with 0.4 nm resolution through to the DNS-750, which has 0.03 nm resolution. All systems support interchangeable grating turrets, are easy to configure with CCD cameras, including the MOSIR series, and single point detectors such as PMTs are also supported. Application software controls the entire spectroscopy system, including VSPEC and LabView.IntevacIssue: 19/06 RSN:

Foss NIRSystems has recently introduced two new NIR probes. The Optimised Powder Analysis probe has been specially designed for measuring powders during semi-turbulent flow drying processes while the Optimised Purge probe, with a collecting “spoon”, has been specifically designed for measuring powders during drying processes.Foss NIRSystems Inc.Issue: 19/06 RSN:

Intevac has released its Microvista NIR camera, a thin-backed CMOS optimised for NIR imaging. Applications for the camera include NIR microscopy, general low light NIR imaging, medical imaging and hyperspectral imaging. Its focal plan array has a 1280 × 1024 format, 10.8 µm square pixels, high quantum efficiency at NIR wavelengths, 100% fill factor, supports 30 frames per second, full frame and CameraLink data port. Software support includes National Instruments IMAQ and Labview.IntevacIssue: 19/05 RSN:

The new UV-3600 UV-vis-NIR spectrophotometer from Shimadzu is equipped with three detectors, a photomultiplier tube for the UV/vis range and InGaAs and PbS detectors for the NIR range, ensuring high sensitivity over the entire measurement range and achieving low noise levels. A high-performance double monochromator ensures low stray light at high resolution and the measurement range varies from 185 nm to 3300 nm, enabling analysis in a wide variety of applications. There is a large sample compartment and integrating sphere attachment for measurement of solid samples and an ASR attachment ensuring that high-accuracy absolute reflectance measurements are possible. Additional accessories expand the range of measurement possibilities and UV Probe software enables easy data analysis and processing functions and provides security features and an audit trail.Shimadzu Europa GmbHIssue: 19/05 RSN:

Hamamatsu Photonics has introduced the S9972 and S9973 series of CCD area image sensors, which have been designed specifically for low light level measurements in the near infrared. Featuring 1024 × 124 and 1024 × 252 pixels, with individual pixel size of 24

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The NIR (900–2500 nm) region was largely neglected by analysts for many years because of the complex nature of the spectra produced by water, proteins etc. in this region. However, thanks to the many and varied multivariate mathematical calibration approaches now available, broadly described by the term “chemometrics”, it has recently found new and important applications, particularly in the pharmaceutical and food industries for raw material and Quality Assurance procedures.

NIRFlex Solids Transmission is the latest addition to the range of sampling options for the Büchi NIRFlex N- 500 FT-NIR spectrometer which is designed to perform transmission measurements on solid forms such as tablets or capsules in a simple and easy way. It uses a low energy source which avoids overheating of the samples, has a high dynamic photometric range which generates spectra with an optimised signal-to-noise ratio and has sample plates, all of which are customised for optimum measurement conditions of every kind of tablet, which are specially designed and coated to prevent stray light caused by light passing round the side of the tablets. The robust design of the measurement cell with its fixed detector position and the direct drive of the sample plate ensures reproducibility and a long lifetime.Buchi Labortechnik AGIssue: 19/04 RSN:

A range of spectrophotometer cells with precisely controlled path lengths down to 8 µm are available from Starna. The cells are suitable for the measurement of low transmittance samples when dilution is not an option. To achieve the necessary accuracy required, the path length is measured by NIR interferometry. Using this technique, absolute path lengths in the range of 8–200 µm can be measured. The cells are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 environment meeting the latest ISO 9001 standards. Windows are in UV grade quartz and the cells are available in fully fused, demountable and flow cell formats and can be used in any conventional spectrophotometer.Starna ScientificIssue: 19/04 RSN:

Researchers at Dartmouth College and Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH, USA) have devised a new, potentially more accurate method for diagnosing breast cancer. They use MRI to produce an image of the breast and highlight potential cancerous sites. NIR spectroscopy is then used on these sites, giving information on haemoglobin levels, oxygen saturation and water content. These are indicators of cancerous tissue.

Their work is published in Optics Letters, doi: 10.1364/OL.32.000933

Malvern Instruments has won an Innovation Award for its SyNIRgi NIR chemical imaging system. The award was in the Materials Analysis and Characterisation section and was chosen from exhibitors at the Powtech/Technopharm congress in Nürnberg, Germany.
Thermo Fisher Scientific has entered into an agreement with Aspectrics to include Grams spectroscopy software in Aspectrics’ new encoded photometric NIR process analyser.,

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Büchi has announced a new 1.2 version of their NIRWare database-oriented software which ensures full traceability and is fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11. The NIRWare 1.2 application designer allows the development of all possible NIR applications with the NIRFlex N-500 spectrometer quickly and easily. Features include the content uniformity test, implementation of the most recent procedures and formulae according to the US, European and Japanese Pharmacopoeias and Operator with its clear and intuitive interface which can be tailored to specific requirements including several entry fields for sample and SOP information.Buchi Labortechnik AGIssue: 19/02 RSN:

Cascading libraries are now available in the Foss Vision software. Cascading libraries confirm the identification of a sample against multiple libraries within one routine operation method. Validation is not needed for the cascade of libraries as validation of each library is performed in qualitative analysis/library validation mode. Results of each library test appear in the routine analysis results report which also lists which library the sample is being tested against.Foss NIRSystems Inc.Issue: 19/02 RSN: