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Menlo Systems’ TERA Image system extension for terahertz (THz) imaging has now been upgraded with the inclusion of EPINA’s ImageLab software for hyperspectral imaging.

Camo Software has announced the launch of a new version of its “all-in-one” multivariate data analysis and design of experiments software, the Unscrambler X. The new version provides improved performance and is optimised for better usability, security and reliability. Version 10.2 continues the company’s tradition of delivering multivariate data analysis software that is easy to use and offers good data visualisation. New features include the addition of Support Vector Machine Regression, Compliance Mode has been added as an installation option for those needing to meet the requirements of electronic signature and record handling, Recalculate with New has been added as a new feature to PCA, PCR and PLS, which allows the addition of new data to an existing model, Data Signature has been added for enhanced data integrity, Blocking of Designs has been added to Full Factorial designs in the Design of Experiments module, three new spectroscopy vendor specific imports have been added—DeltaVu, rap-ID and Visiotec—and an Interpolation function has also been added.

Umetrics announces the release of version 12 of FabStat, which combines multivariate techniques with semiconductor FDC know-how based on the SIMCA-P+ multivariate platform. It is a stand-alone application designed to seamlessly integrate into existing fab data management systems. It monitors the entire production line—each tool, wafer by wafer. When a fault occurs, it instantly identifies the out-of-control tool and points to the culprit signals. Features of this new version include handling of hierarchical models, supporting PLS models, supporting PLS-DA models and improved log messages.

Umetrics Inc
Issue: 22-06
RSN: 120

Version 4 of the Pirouette software from Infometrix has been enhanced to support process monitoring and control applications. An update of the installer was also required to handle Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

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Umetrics has announced the release of its SIMCA Batch On-Line Version 3.3, a multivariate analysis software package, which performs batch process monitoring and MSPC and provides an easy to interpret batch fingerprint for the running batch. This version, which is compatible with SIMCA-P+, Version 12, allows comparisons between a running batch and a training set batch, plotting of two process variables on the same chart and has improved memory use and catch-up functionality.

Umetrics Inc Issue: 21/01 RSN: 124

SIMCA-P+ Version 12 has been released by Umetrics. This multivariate analysis software performs cluster analysis and PLS regression with classification trees. It has full OPLS and O2PLS functionalities and improved support for hierarchical PCA and PLS. The analysis of batch data is improved through summarised contribution plots that can be resolved to the level of individual variables. Local centring, trimming and Winsorising can be made per phase. The software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant for use in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries from R&D to manufacturing.Umetrics IncIssue: 20/04 RSN: