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Version 8.2 of the KnowItAll Informatics system from Bio-Rad Laboratories now includes a new tool for spectral interpretation.

Bruker Daltonics' new Chemical Analysis business announced the release of MS Workstation 7, the next generation software package for the newly acquired 3x0 series GC triple-quadrupole (GC-QQQ) mass spectrometers. MS Workstation 7 features Scheduled Multiple-Reaction Monitoring (s-MRM), which facilitates method development, maintenance and data reduction tasks for challenging multi-component methods.

PANalytical has extended the compatibility of its Omnian standardless analysis software to include the benchtop MiniPal 4 XRF spectrometer. This combination provides quantification of unknowns in situations where certified standards are not available. Omnian provides elemental analysis of all materials no matter how they have been prepared. Typical applications include rapid screening, comparative analysis and R&D investigations.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments and Camo Software have announced a partnership that will enable Shimadzu in which Shimadzu will provide Camo’s multivariate data analysis software, The Unscrambler® to FT-IR customers requiring chemometric analysis.

This 64-bit data acquisition software for spectroscopy and scientific imaging from Princeton Instruments provides comprehensive control of PI cameras and spectrometers, automatically saves data to disc during acquisition, applies time stamp, retains both raw and corrected data with full experimental details,and  is compatible with 64-bit Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
Analyze IQ Ltd has released Version 1.2 of the Analyze IQ chemometrics software suite, which works with Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit) and earlier versions of Windows. A number of new file formats are supported, including JCAMP-DX, SpectroML and AIQ. New features include a model driven paradigm that separates model-building from model usage, so that you can package and deploy chemometric knowledge and analysis and storage of mixtures data.

The new SimPlus software from Perten Instruments allows users to monitor and administrate multiple DA 7200 instruments (on-site or remote installations) from one location, access data and results, update calibrations and create reports.

Thermo Fisher Scientific and Symyx Technologies are working on a joint product development to provide scientists in the bioanalytical community with an automated, secure and seamless laboratory workflow by integrating Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS with Symyx’s electronic lab notebook.,

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With the addition of the new Sadtler HNMR Chemical Shifts database from Bio-Rad, HaveItAll NMR now includes chemical shift data of 20,391 more compounds, each being identified by chemical name, solvent used in the analysis, instrument name, chemical structure, molecular formula and molecular weight.

Foss NIRSystems has introduced Service Pack 3 for Vision 3.50 and, at the same time, released DSP 27, which replaces DSP 26 and all previous versions.

The enhanced version of the HaveItAll UV-vis database from Bio-Rad now has an additional 4200 spectra included in its collection of UV-vis spectra, giving a current total of 13,930 spectra.

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The Sadtler ATR of Controlled and Prescription Drugs is a new database from Bio-Rad Laboratories containing 1161 ATR-IR spectra of controlled and prescription drugs and steroids.

Bio-Rad offers specialised editions of its KnowItAll system specially customised for spectroscopy and other areas of research. The latest release, Version 8.1 of the system, features improvements to its spectral mixture analysis tool.

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The NMR Metabolites database from Bio-Rad, with its collection of 1H and 13C NMR spectra, now includes 532 compounds with 1055 spectra from BioMagResBank data, which doubles the number of spectra previously in this collection of proteins, peptides and nucleic acids.

Bioinquire has received a grant from the US National Institute of Health for the continued development of their proteomics software suite, ProteoIQ.

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Shimadzu Scientific has introduced SeqLab de novo sequencing software for use with their Axima line of MALDI mass spectrometers. With the software, researchers can use MS/MS data to find high-quality de novo sequences and tags for peptides from low- to high- energy CID MS/MS data, including data from the Performance ToF/Tof spectrometer. Additionally, the software uses related MS3 data, which provides more information and completes sequences across the length of the peptide.

Shimadzu Europa GmbH Issue: 21/05 RSN: 107 More information via

The updated Thermo Scientific Proteome Discoverer 1.1 software complements their new mass spectrometers, providing a comprehensive platform for the analysis of qualitative and quantitative proteomics data. The software includes enhanced capabilities for relative quantitation via isobaric labelling such as tandem mass tags, batch searching, automated processing via a daemon, improved handling of large datasets, support for MUDPIT experiments and the ability to merge data from multiple experiments.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Issue: 21/05 RSN: 117 More information via

Malvern Instruments has launched a 64-bit edition of the ISYs chemical imaging data analysis software which has applications across many technologies. It provides a single platform that supports the import of MIR, NIR and Raman imaging and mapping data files from a variety of vendors. It includes all the tools needed to understand chemical imaging data in spectral and spatial dimensions simultaneously.Malvern Instruments LtdIssue: 21/03 RSN:

The newest version of their LIMS software, has been unveiled by Thermo Fisher Scientific. This new version now includes a built-in data interchange with the company's TSQ Series mass spectrometers, enabling direct data acquisition, peak integration and reintegration, storage, archiving and reporting of raw data in a centralised database ­repository.Thermo Fisher ScientificIssue: 21/03 RSN:

Version 6.0 of Thermo Fisher Scientific's Mass Frontier software is now available offing new features for the management, evaluation and interpretation of MSn spectra. This software is applicable to small molecule structure elucidations in applications such as metabolite identification and impurity analysis in pharmaceutical and toxicology studies.Thermo Fisher ScientificIssue: 21/03 RSN: