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Edax has received two patents. One is for its ChI-Scan chemical indexing software package. The other is for its XRF Fundamental Parameter quantification methods.
Shimadzu is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year. It was founded in 1875 by Genzo Shimadzu and initially produced physical and chemical apparatus for educational purposes. Milestones in the company’s history include: 1896: Shimadzu take the first radiographs one year after the discovery of X-rays; 1934: Shimadzu develop Japan’s first spectrograph; 1952: launch of first UV/vis spectrophotometer; 1953: first GC system was developed in Japan; 1988: world’s first MALDI-ToF-MS system was released.
Andor Technology has floated on the London AIM market valuing the company at £23 million when shares started trading. They have also moved into a new 4600 m2 £6 million purpose-built facility.
Horiba Jobin Yvon are running a series of seminars in more than 20 cities across Europe. Beginning in February, a free one-day seminar on Elemental Analysis will be held.
Shimadzu UK have moved to new premises with an up-to-the-minute demonstration area, teaching areas and workshops.
Spectro has been certified by TÜV as an “eco friendly company”.