Cyto-Lite, from Mad City Labs and distributed by Elliot Scientific, is a new illumination source that outputs blue, green and red laser light through a single fibre. The key wavelengths are 405 nm, 532 nm and 640 nm with the system providing complete control over each laser line via a single USB interface and the supplied software. The controller and software streamlines the user interface and allows the characteristics of each laser line to be independently controlled in constant current feedback or constant optical power feedback modes. The on-board DDS sine wave generator and internal 16-bit DAC allow for the modulation and amplitude of each laser line waveform. Low noise operation is achieved by three independent linear regulator power supplies and filtering on each laser line further minimises electronic noise. Robust and safe operation is achieved through multiple layers of laser line protection. Watchdog circuitry maintains stable power supply operation and each laser line has overcurrent protection circuitry.

Elliot Scientific Ltd
Issue: 24-02
RSN: 118


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