HPR Series gas analysers

The HPR series of mass spectrometer-based gas analysers from Hiden Analytical has been expanded further to include analysis of static off-line gas samples in addition to the more routine conditions of dynamic flow. New additions include the HPR-70 bench-top system for gas composition measurement of small individual discreet samples with the gas preparation stage including selectable cascade volumes for pressure optimisation over a wide spread of sample volumes and sample pressures. Samples will normally be acquired and contained off-line as the container has an isolation valve or break-seal for direct connection to the mass spectrometer. The HPR-90 system uses similar mass spectrometer stages together with a customised inlet system specifically configured for analysis of gases trapped within enclosed volumes. It is totally enclosed within a UHV-compatible evacuated vacuum vessel and is equipped with appropriate cracking or drilling facilities to enable release of the gas sample for immediate analysis. Package volumes from 10 litres down to sub-millilitres are accommodated. The systems offer a choice of manual or automated operation and include multiple calibration routines for data quantification, enabling measurement of low-level gas components to the sub-ppm level.

Hiden Analytical Ltd
Issue: 23-05
RSN: 107


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