CAMAG LC-MS Interface

The new TLC-MS interface from CAMAG is a versatile instrument which is capable of isolating unknown compounds from a TLC/HPTLC plate and introducing them into a mass spectrometer for substance identification or structure elucidation. It can be connected to any brand of LC-coupled mass spectrometer and is compatible with all common HPLC-MS systems. Features include rapid and convenient extraction directly into your MS, identification of unknown substances, confirmation of target compounds, offering semi-automatic performance, reproducible results and detectability similar to HPLC-MS, compatibility with most common TLC/HPTLC layers and enables extraction into vials for NMR or (ATR) FT-IR, static nanospray, direct inlet EI-MS and MALDI.

Omicron Research Limited
Issue: 23-01
RSN: 107
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