Miniature Laser

Newport Corporation's Spectra-Physics division has announced two new members of its Excelsior low power, continuous wave laser family. The Excelsior-488 laser is a low power, externally doubled diode laser at 488 nm and the Excelsior-561 is an intra-cavity doubled Nd:YAG-based laser at 561 nm. Both lasers are targeted to a wide range of applications including DNA sequencing and Raman spectroscopy. They are designed for a variety of OEM applications because of their optical beam quality, low optical noise and high reliability. Offering a small footprint, they are stand-alone devices that are easy to use and operate. An integrated active light loop ensures that the lasers deliver output power stability over a wide temperature range.

Newport Spectra-Physics
Issue: 19/02
RSN: 186

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