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21 The sound of science 3679
22 AnIMLs in from the wild—XML standards at LGC 2964
23 Interpretation of infrared and Raman spectra assisted by computational chemistry 3670
24 European spectroscopist Dr Herbert Michael Heise awarded honorary professorship at the University of Applied Sciences of South-Westphalia in Iserlohn, Germany 3254
25 Something has happened to my data: potential problems with standard normal variate and multiplicative scatter correction spectral pre-treatments 4784
26 Where there’s muck there’s brass! A look at anaerobic fermentation monitoring using molecular spectroscopy 4972
27 And now for something completely different! 6905
28 Opportunities and opinions 2435
29 Spectroscopic identification in the “real world” 3457
30 Educating spectrocopists 2230
31 Back to basics: multivariate qualitative analysis, “SIMCA” 4116
32 Early lung cancer diagnostics by ion mobility spectrometry data handling 3883
33 Back to basics: multivariate qualitative analysis, canonical variates analysis 4227
34 Process spectroscopy uptake 3290
35 Back to basics: qualitative analysis, introduction 3901
36 Who has the best proton NMR crystal ball? 3585
37 Back to basics: the “final” calibration 2785
38 Adobe PDF use in analytical information storage and archiving 2144
39 Back to basics: removing multiplicative effects (1) 3173
40 Back to basics: spectral pre-treatments—derivatives 3012

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