PerkinElmer and Abbott to Present on Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry for Pathogen Detection Research

PerkinElmer and Abbott have announced that the companies will jointly present on the applications of exact mass time-of-flight (ToF) mass spectrometry for advancing pathogen detection research at ASMS.

The companies' presentation is based on their work together incorporating PerkinElmer's exact mass ToF technology as part of Abbott's PLEX-ID detection platform, employed in pathogen detection research. Currently intended for research and non-diagnostic use only, PLEX-ID is a high-throughput technology that offers rapid and broad identification, detailed genotyping, and characterisation and recognition of emerging organisms.

The PLEX-ID system employs a combination of molecular technologies, including polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for gene amplification and exact mass ToF analysis to rapidly characterise known and unknown organisms. It is designed to address a significant unmet need by providing test results in six to seven hours instead of three or more days as required with current laboratory methods.

"PLEX-ID addresses the unmet needs and complex challenges of microbial identification by detecting and characterising both known and previously unknown organisms found in a variety of specimens," said Stafford O'Kelly, head of Abbott's molecular diagnostics business. "Our collaboration with PerkinElmer and their expertise in mass ToF gives us the ability to offer laboratories rapid detection and correct identification of a broad range of pathogens."

"Our relationship with Abbott in pathogen measurement via exact mass ToF complements extensive PerkinElmer programmes in environmental applications and research. We are delighted to collaborate with Abbott in this important endeavour for real time microbial identification," said Dick Begley, president, Emerging Technologies, PerkinElmer.
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